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St Columba's is situated in the leafy cosmopolitan suburb of Parkview, a short walk from Zoo Lake and near the Johannesburg Zoo at 45 Lurgan Rd and opposite a small park with a playground. The traditional stone Church with its stained glass rose window and other stained glass windows, created by leading artists, is flanked by a well-tended Garden of Remembrance and fronted by a small courtyard garden with a fountain and fishpond. Its tranquil exterior belies all the activities that take place within the Church walls and beyond.

The Church was founded in 1921 and has grown to nearly 1500 people from all walks of life on the membership roll. At least the same number of people regard St Columba’s as their own church and feel comfortable in calling on its ministers in times of need.

Eminent ministers in the past have included Padre Robertson, the Reverend Emlyn Jones, the Reverend Dr Jack Dalziel, the Reverend Granville Morgan and the Reverend Dr Alan Maker. The tradition set by them continues in the ministry of Martin Young and Stephen van Schalkwyk, together with Minister-in-Association, Professor Hansie Wolmarans, all of whom combine fine relevant preaching with a compassionate and caring pastoral ministry. Our ministers work continuously to bring hope, encouragement and guidance and a warm human empathy to the many who call on them. They reach out to many sectors of the community in Johannesburg, give talks at various venues and lay particular emphasis on contacting youth and members of the wider racial spectrum.

The ministers are supported in their work by a Session of some 80 elders, by the members, an Executive and the various committees committed to the life and work of St Columba’s. The work of these committees is described in more detail further along our web site. St Columba's aims to be relevant in the current South Africa, to attract new members from all racial groups and to be caring, not only for its own members but also those less fortunate – at all time proclaiming and demonstrating God's love and grace.

Tel: 011 646 5420